Tulisan dari kakak saya tercinta, Arief Rahman Hakim, tentang perjalanannya ke London dalam rangka bekerja dan kemudian teringat dengan mendiang┬áMama kami. :’)


london bridge4
As you can see, these are the pictures of London Bridge, this bridge crosses over the famous River Thames (not Thames River). I’m writing here, do not want to tell you about the bridge. The story was years before 80’s, remembering the time when my mother sang me a song of London Bridge. The melody of the song came out from a small tiny ‘it’s so called’ keyboard with orange color having capability to play several factory preset melodies, and the London Bridge was the one of those. My mother knew the song well and many times sang to me London Bridge with her beautiful angel voice. She asked me to sing along with her, that was the way she introduced me English.
Today in 2015, I’m attempting to find this bridge myself, surprisingly in this world, the bridge itself is far than my imagination before. It is modern and big wide bridge, but whatever it is, I am so grateful to be there.
After taking of some photos, I walk on the bridge crossing of the River Thames and singing ‘London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down… London Bridge is falling down…’, reminiscing to my mother.
The London Bridge stands still… but my tears are falling down.
If only I could show you the pictures of the bridge from the song you had sung to me….
I miss you very much mother.
– for my beloved mother who had passed away on November 10, 2004 –

london bridge2london bridge


london bridge3

london bridge5

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